2022 Resolutions

1-22 Resolution Authorizing and Adopting the 2022 Property and Casualty Budget

2-22 Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Excess Insurances for Camden County Department of Police Services
3-22 Fixing Public Meetings Dates for the Year 2022
4-22 Bills List January 2022
5-22 Resolution for Closed Session
6-22 Certifying the Election of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson
7-22 Appointing Agent for Service of Process for the Commission for the Term of One Year
8-22 Designating Custodian of Commission Records
9-22 Designating Official Newspaper for the Commission
10-22 Designating Authorized Depositories for Commission Assets and Establishing Cash Management Plan
11-22 Designating Commission Treasurer
12-22 Designating Commission Attorney
13-22 Designating Authorized Signatures for Commission Bank Accounts
14-22 Officials Employees
15-22 Authorizing Commission Treasurer to Process Contracted Payments and Expenses
16-22 Plan of Risk Management
17-22 Resolution Authorizing an Agreement, Pursuant to a Publicly Advertised Request for Proposals by and Between the Commission and PERMA Management Services for Executive Director Administrator Services
18-22 Authorizing A Month-To-Month Agreement, By and Between the Commission and Amerihealth Casualty Services for Claims Administration Services Pending Reprocurement of the Services
19-22 Bills List February 2022
20-22 Resolution for Closed Session
21-22 Bills List March 2022
22-22 Resolution for Closed Session
23-22 Resloution Authorzing Award of Contract, Pursuant to a Publicly Advertised Request for Proposals, by and Between the Commission and Compservices, Inc., dba Amerihealth Casualty Services
24-22 Cornely Settlement
25-22 Authorizing Settlement with Diann Wilkins
26-22 Resolution for Closed Session
27-22 Bills List March Supplenment 2022
28-22 Bills List April 2022
29-22 Resolution for Closed Session
30-21 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement with Tameaka Conley
31-22 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement with Jesse Henderson
33-22 Amending Resolution No. 11. Adopted February 24,2022 Designating Commission Treasurer
34-22 Bills List May 2022
35-22 Resolution for Closed Session
36-22 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement with Sergio Cumba
37-22 Bills List June 2022
38-22 Resloution for Closed Session