2023 Resolutions


1-23 Resolution Authorizing and Adopting the 2023 Property and Casualty Budget for the Camden County Insurance Commission and Certifying Member Assessments
2-23 Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Excess Insurances for Camden County of Police Services
3-23 Fixing Public Meeting Dates for the Year 2023
4-23 Bills List January 2023
5-23 Resolution for Closed Session
6-23 Orlando Baez Settlement
7-23 Paul DiZialo Settlement
8-23 Paula McGonigle Settlement
9-23 Susan Woolson Settlement
10-23 Certifying The Election Of Chairperson And Vice-Chairperson
11-23 Appointing Agent For Service Of Process For The Commission for the term of one Year
12-23 Designating Custodian Of Commission Records
13-23 Designating Official Newspaper For The Commission
14-23 Designating Authorized Depositories For Commission Assets
15-23 Designating commission Treasurer
16-23 Designating Commission Attorney
17-23 Designating Authorized Signatures For Commission Bank Accounts
18-23 Officials Employees
19-23 Authorizing Commission Treasurer To Process Contracted Payments
20-23 01-01-2023 Plan of Risk Management
21-23 Bills List February 2023
22-23 Resolution For Closed Session
23-23 Designating Authorized Signatures
24-23 Bills List March 2023
25-23 Resolution for Closed Session
26-23 Authorizing Extraordinary Claim Settlement and Payment of Funds
27-23 Authorizing Extraordinary Claim Settlement And Payment of Funds
28-23 Bills List April 2023
29-23 Resolution For Closed Session
30-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement With Ischa Santiago
31-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement With Thomas Lentz
32-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement With Theron Sharper Cooper
33-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement With Viktor Diaz
34-23 Authorizing Award of Contracts
35-23 Bills List May 2023
36-23 Resolution For Closed Session
37-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement with  Roberto Gonzalesz
38-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement with Miridza Valentin
39-23 Resolution Authorizing the Use of Competitive Contracting Request for Proposals Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40-A-11-4.1o for the Procurement of Property Appraisal Services
40-23 Bills List June 2023
41-23 Resolution for Closed Session
42-23 Resolution Rejecting Competitive Contracting Request
43-23 Bills List June Supplement 2023
44-23 Bills List July 2023
45-23 Resolution for Closed Session
46-23 Res auth agt Cipriani Werner
47-23 Resolution Rejecting Competitive Contracting Request
49-23 Resloution of Certification Annual Audit Report
50-23 Bills List August 2023
51-23 Bills List September 2023
52-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement 
53-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement 
54 -23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement
56-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement Abele
57-23 Bills List October 2023
58-23 Resolution for Closed Session
59-23 Bills List November 2023
60-23 Bills List December 2023
61-23 Resolution for Closed Session
62-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement 
63-23 Authirizing Workers compensation Settlement
64-23 Authorizing Workers Compensation Settlement
65-23 Aurthorizing Workers Compensation Settlement